The Community Advancement Network is committed to a vision of strengthening nonprofits throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region, and helping them achieve mission excellence. We strive to achieve this vision by providing capacity building services that have true impact on an organization’s effectiveness and efficiency.

In order to evaluate our own effectiveness and efficiency, the Network is additionally committed to examining its services and ability to build capacity in a quantifiable, empirical manner through the use of an assessment tool, called the ACE (Assessment of Capacity Enhancement).

FAQ’s about the ACE

Q. Why does the Network care about measuring? What are you trying to determine?
Q. How was the ACE created? What validity does it have?
Q. Where does this information go? How can I trust that you won’t share it with funders?
Q. How do we take the assessment?
Q. What kinds of questions do you ask? What if I don’t know the answers?
Q. How will you measure the success of your services, or the capacity change in my organization?